Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Saturday, Apr 19  11:00 AM
Flower Pot Decorating

Saturday, Apr 19  1:00 PM
Fill Flower Pots

Saturday, Apr 19  3:00 PM
Make Dirt Dessert

Saturday, Apr 19  6:00 PM
Pot Luck Supper

Saturday, Apr 19  7:00 PM
Spring Fling Dance

Saturday, Apr 19  7:00 PM
Birthday Cake For 35th Year

Sunday, Apr 20  11:00 AM
Arts & Crafts

Friday, Apr 25  
Weekend Activities

Friday, Apr 25  8:00 PM
Adult Bingo

Saturday, Apr 26  11:00 AM
Board Games

Saturday, Apr 26  1:00 PM
Arts & Crafts

Featured Events

Adult Bingo, Flower Pot Decorating, Fill Flower Pots, Make Dirt Dessert, Pot Luck Supper, Birthday Cake, Spring Fling Dance, Arts Crafts Everyone Welcome.
Adult Bingo, board Games, Arts & Crafts, Pool Games, Family Bingo, Musical Chairs Everyone Welcome.
Adult Bingo, Field Games, Parachute Games, Children's Pool Games, Soup Chowder & Chili Cookoff, Kids Game Night, Texas Holdem Tournament, Arts & Crafts Everyone Welcome.
Adult Bingo, Beaver Hut Café Opens for the Season, Mother & Child Bingo, Mom Makeover, Mother's Day Dance, Arts Crafts
Adult Bingo, Checkers Game, Scavenger Hunt, Ping Pong Tournament, Match 5 Game, Arts & Crafts
Everyone Welcome. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult. No Charge

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