Sunday, July 15, 2018

Next Activities:

Friday, Jul 13  
Family Mardi Gras Weekend

Sunday, Jul 15  8:00 AM
Beaver Hut Cafe

Sunday, Jul 15  10:00 AM
Wagon Ride

Sunday, Jul 15  10:30 AM
Outdoor Pool Games

Sunday, Jul 15  1:00 PM
Adult Bingo

Sunday, Jul 15  6:00 PM
Cribbage Tournament

Monday, Jul 16  
Weekday Activities

Monday, Jul 16  10:00 AM
Wagon Ride

Monday, Jul 16  10:30 AM
Face Painting or Nail Painting

Monday, Jul 16  12:30 PM
Arts & Crafts

Monday, Jul 16  2:30 PM
Board Games

Tuesday, Jul 17  10:00 AM
Wagon Ride

Tuesday, Jul 17  10:30 AM

Tuesday, Jul 17  12:30 PM
Movie & Popcorn

Tuesday, Jul 17  2:30 PM
Candy Bar Bingo

Wednesday, Jul 18  10:00 AM
Wagon Ride

Join us in the Adult Rec. Hall for Family Bingo. Kids always win! Teens, Pre Teens and Adults have a chance to win a prize. Adult and Teen winners get to choose a wrapped prize. Once all the wrapped prizes are given out, future winners have the chance to take a wrapped prize from someone holding one. When the game is over for the evening, if you still are holding a prize you get to unwrap and keep it! Everyone Welcome.

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