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Year-Round Campers Rules and Regulations

  1. Speed Limit is 5 mph in campground area (strictly enforced)

  2. All visitors must stop at office to register upon entering the campground.  If office is closed, use envelope outside by the office door and put through the slot.  Overnight visitors must register before 8:00 pm, Day Visitors must leave by 8:00 pm.

  3. No chain saws to be run without special permission.  No cutting or damaging trees or shrubs, no nails in trees.

  4. Pets are allowed on a 6 foot leash.  Pets should not be left outside unattended or barking.  You must clean up after your pets.  Pets are not to be left outside after sundown.

  5. Fires are permitted in fire rings only, and they are not to be moved, unless you have permission by the office to do so. Fires are not to exceed 2 feet high.  Fires are not to be left unattended.

  6. Sites are to be kept clean and neat at all times.  Clothes lines are to be used for wet towels and bathing suits only.  All laundry must be done in laundry room or at home.

  7. Parents will be responsible and pay for any and all damages to property, buildings, etc. caused by their children, and also the conduct of their guests and pets

  8. All Children 6 and under are to be accompanied by a parent when taking a shower.  No smoking, food or drinks are allowed in the shower or restrooms.

  9. Drinking of alcoholic beverages on campsite and in Adult Rec. Hall only.  Absolutely no glass containers allowed while walking on campground premises.  Cans with appropriate covers allowed.   Drinking age is 21.

  10. We assume no responsibility for loss by fire, theft, or accident.  Use of facilities is at your own risk.

  11. There will be no cutting through other peoples campsites.  Use the roads to get to your site.

  12. Profanity will not be allowed anywhere in the campground.

  13. There is a dump pass at the office if you need to use it.  We would appreciate it if you use it to get rid of your own stuff to go to the dump.  Do not leave it by the dumpsters for us to dispose of.

  14. Only registered vehicles are allowed on the campground, and only licensed drivers are allowed to be driving these vehicles.

  15. Bikes not utilizing bike racks will be removed for safety reasons.  No bicycling after dusk.  Bicycle speed limit is 5 mph.  All children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while riding their bikes.

  16. Golf carts and snowmobiles are to be registered at the office.  If not registered they are not to be used in the campground.  See OHRV rules for more info.

  17. There will be no permanent structures erected on any sites, including decks and storage sheds until permission is given by Tom Quirk only.

  18. One way signs will be strictly enforced.  They are there for a reason.  Please observe them.   There will be a $25.00 fine for people not obeying this rule.

  19. There will be no parking in front of the Adult Rec. Hall, and that includes the slides unless you are unloading your vehicle.  Also no parking in the ATV parking area.  There will be a $25.00 fine for people not obeying this rule.

  20. There will be no rock throwing of any kind.  Children that get caught throwing rocks, will be considered too young to be off their site by themselves.

  21. There will be no fireworks allowed in the campground.

  22. Any annoyance to the campers will be reported to security, managers, or the the office.  That includes complaints.  Talking with each other about the problems does not solve it.

  23. Campers are allowed only one camping vehicle or tent per site (unless okayed by owners)

  24. Emergency messages will be delivered to your campsite.  All other messages will be posted on message board located near office.

  25. The Adult Rec. Hall is open 24 hours a day for your enjoyment but the noise must be kept down, and that includes radio or stereo equipment after 11:00 pm.  If this is not done we will be forced to close it at 11:00 pm.  Please do not slam the doors.

  26. After 4 months behind in your rent, your trailer will be removed from the site, and will be put in an unsecured area..  No trailers are to be removed from the campground unless all fees are paid in full.  Also, if you are 2 months behind in your rent, you will not be allowed on the campground.

  27. All sites will have to have a tee put on their water connection and a hose long enough to reach their fire rings or you will not be allowed to have a fire.

  28. No one is allowed to turn on their water in the spring until your site is cleaned and raked.  After this is done you may notify the office to have your site checked.  If it is approved, you will be told you can turn it on.

  29. Children 16 and under on site by 11:00 pm, unless accompanied by an Adult.

  30. Children 6 and under must be on their sites by dusk unless accompanied by and Adult.

  31. Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.

  32. All vehicles must be on sites and not in the road.

  33. When there is a scheduled activity in the Adult Rec. Hall, please keep all other noise down.

  34. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed in Adult Rec. Hall unless there is a scheduled family activity.

  35. There will be no cutting through other campers sites.

  36. Profanity will not be allowed anywhere on the Campground.

  37. No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the outside patio unless accompanied by their parents.

  38. Playground hours are 8:00 am till dusk.

  39. No children over 12 are allowed in playground area.

  40. Anyone defacing or abusing the playground equipment will not be allowed in the playground area again.

  41. Anyone in Playground after it is locked will not be allowed in playground again and will be confined to their site for 1 year.


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